Aol Desktop Gold is a unique Aol product, Software that allows the user to access email, browse the website, instant messages and aol user security settings, that is why it works as all-in-one window software.

Aol Desktop Gold is designed with an easy access user interface for the Aol user. It is also enabled with the automated update that helps the software to upgrade the security and run its own maintenance to fix bugs by itself.

Aol Desktop Gold allows the user to change many settings are user would require on their computer.

today we will try to find out, how to enable the browser password manager in Aol desktop gold.

1. from the menu bar of aol desktop click on ' keyword ' menu and click go to keyword, it will open a search bar. to access keyword search bar you can also use shortcut ctrl + k.
2. Once the search bar will appear, then you can type Browser Settings in it and press ' enter ' key from your keyboard or click on GO.
3. It will open a new window titled as browser setting.
4. Under the main menu select ' Browser ' and on the other end it will open the setting for Browser, it will have few sub-option where you will find Passwords option.
5. When you will click Passwords tab option and do check in the box for "Offer to save passwords to enter on the web" then close the Browser Settings window.
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